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Meaningful Integration of Social Media

Click here to see how St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Mt. Lebanon uses Membership Vision to integrate social media in exciting ways into their site!

When you post on social media, your work won't just disappear into the ether. Membership Vision integrates your social media in meaningful ways throughout the site. Assign #hashtags to ministries, share posts from church members, and respond quickly to events in the world without worrying about composing a blog post or updating page content.

Now, updating your church's website is as quick and easy as posting something to your wall.

Latest MV sites:
St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon, PA
Christ Episcopal Church, Redondo Beach, CA
Thad's, Santa Monica, CA

Meaningful Integration of Social Media for Churches

Automatically Add Content

Easily add social posts from your Diocese, Bishop or other sources. Calendar integration makes upcoming events easy to display, and ministry pages are kept current by displaying all relevant content.

See Fresh, Relevant Content

Easy Scheduled Updates

The time you need your website updated is exactly the time you are busiest. Membership Vision handles the website chores for you.

Always Timely

No Coding? No problem.

In the past, even "visual editors" required a certain amount of coding knowledge. With Membership Vision, simple interactions have powerful results.

Simple Means Powerful

Do More Than Just Accept Payments

Easily generate donation forms, payment forms for events, recurring payments and more. Combine with our MV Data program for amazing record-keeping!

Donations and Payments

What's New

One Website, All Devices

A Membership Vision website is responsive to people, not just devices.

In addition to location and service times, visitors to your website will see a story that is in-process, living, breathing. They will also see a story to which they can add a verse.

It is our mission to be people-first with our work. This applies not only to those working in churches -- we want to free you to do your mission! -- but also to those who will first find you not by stepping through your door, but by browsing your site.

Responsive Website Design for Churches

What Can We Do Together?

We are inspired by the innovative work we see in the church to create technological tools that enable churches to be themselves, to be real, online. This will change the way you do "online." Contact us below to get started or to learn more!

Social Media Integration
Keep your site fresh and updated while maintaining your authenticity. Learn more about Membership Vision by calling us today at (805) 626-0143.
Schedule Content
When your church is busy, you want to be present with visitors and parishioners -- not busy updating your website. You can schedule website features with ease.
No Coding? No Problem.
Having a CMS thoughtfully built for churches means the things you really need to do are just easier.
Create a Payment Form
Membership Vision makes accepting online donations and payments simple, and creating payment forms is as easy as it gets.